“I design and develop beautiful and usable websites for companies who want to give their clients a better user experience .”

Web Design and Development Professional with emphasis on Design and Illustration, HTML/CSS, and Drupal Site Development Projects. Focused on expanding design, illustration and web programming capabilities as well as knowing more about the web industry.

Highly interested in Graphic Design and Illustration.

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  1. Japo, I would like to verify. Kasi last 2012 kami kinasal, hindi ako kumuha ng cenomar kasi 24 pa lang ako. Yung husband ko lang ang kumuha kasi 30 na sya. Nakasulat sa city hall ay 30y/o and above. Is this right?

    – translation
    Japo, I would like to verify. My husband and I were married last 2012. I did not get a CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) since I was just 24. My husband got one because he was 30 at the time. It’s written in the city hall that it’s for 30y/o and above. Is this right?

    • I don’t think there’s an age limit to getting your CENOMAR. But if there is, then it most probably won’t be 30. I got married under 30 myself.

      And I’m sure there are some people who have already married twice even before 30. 🙂

    • There’s just a ring bearer and a flower girl. No candle lighting, veil nor cord. No coins, no rice, no whatever.

      The church itself does not not need to have a complicated setup. There will usually be a member of that locale who does the task of arranging flowers etc. part time. They will know what’s appropriate or not. The caretaker of the locale will be in charge of setting up the chairs etc.

      All the required people will be indicated in the form for applying for marriage given by the church administration.

      As for the sponsors, there are no tiers and levels for sponsors. If the couple would like that, it will not be part of the actual church ceremony but they can be recognized in the reception if desired.

      During the course of the wedding application and getting things signed in the church, you will be notifying the people of note such as the choir leaders, head deacons, etc.

      Also, as a very important note, even though the church does not require payment, it would be great to sponsor some food for the choir and the people in the locale after the ceremony. My wife and I bought pancit and softdrinks for them and had it delivered straight to the office of the light of salvation in the locale.

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