So I’m a Superhero Now – Thanks to ContributeX

Two months ago I joined a contribution event for Drupal 8 sponsored by XLabs of X-Team. The event was called ContributeX and it was held last August 16, 2014.

Taking charge of the event were two of the pillars of the Drupal Pilipinas community – Paul de Paula and Gerald Villorente – both X-teamers.

The event was basically about showing how individuals can contribute to the development of Drupal 8, even if they have limited drupal experience. The spirit of open source lies in the initiative of individuals to contribute from the smallest things – like bug-spotting, documentation, type and graphical quirks – up to overhauling modules in core to function better.

So if you’d like to be part of a global development effort, why not download a copy of Drupal and spot a few bugs or patch a few fixes.

I was part of the lucky few to land one of the top spots in contribution. The reward? They made me superhero. No kidding! Here’s the press release.

Meet “Entity”, my superhero alter ego. With galactus-like powers and my wife Rhoda flying around me, I am unstoppable!





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