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Insync – A Better Solution to Google Drive and Ubuntu Problem

The need for a third party program came about when I found out that there’s no Google Drive app for Linux. Which is strange because Google has one for both Windows and Mac. It’s a shame, really. I’ve been using Google Drive for a while now in windows and it’s a great convenience since I use it to back up my work files.

So when I shifted to using Ubuntu for development, I just HAD to have the same features.

I was actually hesitant to jump into using Insync because I rarely use third party software in terms of back-up. I came across it first then came across another alternative – Grive. I tried Grive for a while but it was still a bit buggy – it duplicated a lot of my files and folders! So I went back to InSync.



Insync, as I found out, can be installed in Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android, and Windows Phones, so they get a lot of plus points for cross compatibility. This can be pretty handy if you have multiple devices that you want to give access to your Google Drive Files. This actually happens to be my case since we use google drive at work.

It was actually pretty easy to install this program considering I’m a noob with Ubuntu. Just link up your google account then it will sync a folder in your desktop with your drive online.


This is actually the same functionality as your regular Google Drive application in windows – but with extras.

You can actually add more google accounts! So this is very convenient for someone like me who uses Google Docs to back up work files and also personal files.

Also, it’s very nice to have additional storage. Theoretically you can have an unlimited number of GB – just keep signing up to many Google accounts! I haven’t personally tried this yet but it seems possible. 🙂

Handy dandy indicators show you which files are backing up and which are already synced.


There’s also the icon on the top bar where you can configure your accounts, or easily access your folders on your computer and on the web.

They also have a very simple pricing scheme. $10 membership for life for personal use. and $10/user/year for business.

Insync Pro

  • Windows, Mac and Linux app
  • Unlimited installations across OS
  • Free updates for all of 1.x
  • Email support (within 3 business days)

9.99 USD* per Google account (one-time)

Insync Business

  • Windows, Mac and Linux app
  • Unlimited installations across OS
  • Free updates for all versions
  • Email support (within 2 business days)
  • Member management
  • License management (reusable licenses,
    1 license = 1 Google account)
  • Centralized billing
  • Google Apps directory sync
    (sync employee directory)
  • Storage analytics (usage, how much storage
    for all employees, etc.)

10.00 USD per user / year (minimum of 5 users)

And another good thing – they also have a 15 day free trial – which you can extend with their referral program!

Sync across OSs

Be it OSX, WIndows, or Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phones, you can sync all your google drive files with this app. So if your office uses Google Drive or Docs, give it a whirl!



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