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Python Interpreters – starting to learn a new language

pythonI’m still learning Python initially through the Python track in Codecademeny and now through a course in Udacity (they use it to teach programming concepts).

Until now I only used the online interpreter in Codecademy:

But there are actually a number of online interpreters available:

I haven’t tried any of them yet but feel free to try each one and find the best one for you.

But if you’re really serious about learning Python, you should install it on your machine!

And guess what? If you own a Mac or a Linux machine, chances are, you already have python installed.

You can check by opening the terminal and typing python at the prompt:

$ python

Windows users won’t have python natively installed, but it’s pretty easy to install it. Just go to the Python download page and get the latest copy.

Once installed, you can run python on your command line (provided you chose to add it to the path in the installation process). Of course, writing more complex code would be difficult if you had to do it line by line through a live interpreter.

To actually create and edit python files you can use IDLE (Python’s Integrated DeveLopment Environment) which comes with the windows installer. You can use it to open and edit python files. And just press f5 to run your code. You can also use other editors. I prefer Sublime2.

Update: Here’s another IDE suggested by Ranel Padon – PyScripter. According to him it’s good for large or small projects, comes with a built in debugger for unit testing, and you can customize the IDE’s theme, shortcuts etc.

Here’s a more detailed series of instructions if you need it:

Also, if you’re from the Philippines (like me), why not drop by the Philippine Python Users Group (PHPUG) and say hello? We won’t bite. 🙂



Online Interpreters:

Offline Interpreters, Editors, and IDEs:



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