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Wedding – Legal Requirements (Part 2)

Quezon City Hall

Quezon City Hall photo by travelingcup

Legal Requirements will take you around 1-2 weeks to complete. Make sure to time getting your Marriage License to your wedding date since it’s only valid for 4 months.

Please do remember that I live in QC so some things may be different if you live in another town.

The first thing many people ask about getting married is “What are the legal requirements and how much do they cost?”


I’ll answer cost first – less than P2500 . Cheap, no? Even cheaper if you already have a Birth Certificate or a Community Tax Certificate on hand (Cedula) But remember we’re having a church wedding. A Civil wedding costs a bit higher – around P3,000 since you have to pay  the judge and other people.

Requirements Before You Go Anywhere

To get married in Quezon City, they require at least one of the applicants to be a resident. I don’t know the rules in other cities but it’s safe to assume the same rule applies in any city/municipality.

Before you even go to the City Hall get the following items. Here’s a complete list. I’ll go over them one by one later.

  1. Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) (for Bride and Groom)
  2. Certified (NSO) True Copy of Birth Certificate (for Bride and Groom)
  3. Community Tax Certificate a.k.a. Cedula
  4. 1×1 ID pictures (for Bride and Groom)
  5. Money (of course!)

Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) (for Bride and Groom)
Birth Certificates (for Bride and Groom)

You can get these direct from the office if you happen to live right beside the National Statistics Office or a branch. But to make your life easier, These can be obtained online via their online facility “e-Census” and your documents will be delivered right to your doorstep!

e-Census of the National Statistics Office

Here’s the pricing for online applications as of the date of this post:

CENOMAR (P415.00) x 2 = P830.00
Birth Certificate (P315.00) x 2 = P630.00

Community Tax Certificate a.k.a. Cedula

You can actually get your Cedula at the City Hall BUT be prepared for a long line since this little piece of paper is required for a lot of things.

Make your life a bit easier by getting your Cedula at your nearest barangay hall. There’s practically no lines at all.

Cost? Depends on what income you declare. But the minimum payment is P5.00 if you have no job. This probably depends on the location. You’re taxed an additional P1 for every P1000 of your annual declared income. We only declared P10,000/mo. so we paid P125 each.

1×1 ID pictures

It won’t hurt to get several copies since both legal and church procedures require copies. We got our photos tiled and printed on a large piece of photo paper (1×1 and 2×2) to save money.


Bring a bit more than P2000.00 to be sure. If you’re situation is a bit more complicated (previously married, no Birth Certificate ever) the costs might change.

Also, if you get hungry at least you allotted some money for food – there are lots of place to eat at Quezon City Hall.


I provided a map for the main points of interest for your reference.

>>First of all go to the Health Building.

Look for the Seminar Room for Pre-Marriage/Family Planning Counseling. It’s in the 2nd floor in QC Hall.

Ask to reserve a schedule for you and you’re spouse-to-be. Sign up and get an Order of Payment. You’ll pay for this at the Cashier later.

>>Second, go to the cashier and pay.

The cashier handles several transactions so prepare for a long line.

The fee is P150.

>>Third, go to the Civil Registry Building.

This is where you’ll get the actual Wedding License Application Form. Go to counter 11.

>>Fourth Step is to wait for your seminar day and then attend.

This will take the form of a lecture and a test about the lecture. They will also test you at the start to benchmark your stock knowledge. It’s pretty easy so don’t worry.

Remember to get your certificate of attendance! Get all your documents photocopied just in case.

BIG TIP! Don’t be cheap with photocopies. It’s always better to have an extra copy rather than missing a copy after lining up for an hour.

>>Fifth step is to submit all your documents to the Civil Registry, counter 11.

The clerk will notify you if you miss anything. They will also require you to have your application form notarized. A handy notarization service is available right in the same room.

There’s a charge of P100 but you’ll pay at window 11 directly.

Once the clerk approves everything, he’ll write the release date on your application form, which will be approximately 7 days (excluding weekends) later.

>>Sixth step is to come back on the release date.

You’ll see that they’ve attached a document titled “NOTICE”. The standard rule is that they’ll post your application on their bulletin board for a week so objecting parties can have their say.

>> Last step is to look and admire your Marriage License.

Hopefully this will be the last time you’ll need to get one. 🙂


Cost Recap:

CENOMAR (P415.00) x 2 = P830.00
Birth Certificate (P315.00) x 2 = P630.00
Community Tax Certificate/Cedula (P125)  x2 = P250.00
ID pictures printed in bulk at computer shop= P50.00
City Hall Fees P250.00
Notarization P200.00 (not the exact amount since I forgot)
Food and Snacks – P100.00

TOTAL: P2310.00

Procedure Recap:

  1. Health Building. Reserve a Seminar Schedule.
  2. Pay at Cashier.
  3. Civil Registry Building. Get Application form at Window 11.
  4. Wait for Seminar day and attend. Get your certificate.
  5. Civil Registry. Have Application Notarized. Submit Everything and pay at window 11.
  6. Come Back on Release.
  7. Admire.

Next up is the Church Process. which is a bit longer.

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Update (2015-Mar-06)

Next blog: Wedding – Church Requirements (Part 3)

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  2. Wedding – Important Things (Part 1)
  3. Wedding – Legal Requirements (Part 2) (this post)
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photo by travellingcup


63 thoughts on “Wedding – Legal Requirements (Part 2)

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  3. We would like to get married at Quezon city but the thing is I am from Mindanao and my fiance is a US national. Does it consider us to apply for marriage license and get married there? Hoping for a good and positive respond on this.

    • Are you both located in Quezon City? I think the best option is to inquire at the city hall in the city that you both live in. There should be some additional requirements for foreigners.

    • If I were you I would have the NSO Birth Certificate updated before proceeding with any legal preparations for your wedding or anything else.

      The government issued birth certificate is the basic certification of your name so if that has an error, it may have a huge effect on your future papers.

      Please go to the municipal hall or city hall in the place where the birth certificate was first issued to inquire on how make the changes.

  4. ask q lng po mgkano lahat lahat bbyarn s civil wedding jn s city hall po and wt day available?kc po ngpplno km mgpksal naun sep.

    • Hindi po kami civil wedding e. Pero yung kaibigan ko po e under P10000 lahat ng gastos nila including lunch sa Kenny Roger’s hehe. Much better po if magtanong kayo sa city hall niyo. Kasi ibaba rin ang pricing nyan per LGU.

    • Follow up that it’s filed in the NSO. then after a few months you can request it from the NSO. That’s the legally accepted document that you can use.

    • At the very minimum, it would take 2 weeks since you will have sign up for the seminar, then wait for the release.

    • Hi Leila, as far as I know it’s not, as long as the application papers are filled up. But you will have to verify this by calling the city hall, my wife and I went to the City Hall together.

      But I’m sure both will have to attend the seminar together, though.

    • Pag naka kuha na po kami ng marriage license sa Quezon City, pwede po ba namin magamit ang license sa Civil Wedding in Cebu City?

      — Translation
      If we get a marriage license from Quezon City, can we use this license in a Civil Wedding in Cebu City?

  5. ask ko lng po,, me and my bf are both inc members and planning to get married within this year, but i wanted to do it on civil wedding sana. possible po kaya yun. thank u po.

    • It would be better if you ask your Locale. But for me it’s more advisable to go for a Church wedding.

      Usually it’s just a monetary issue that holds people back from having a church wedding. You can just do a small scale church wedding. In the end it’s just about you and your future husband getting married. The reception and after-party are just excess and nice to haves.

      And the actual wedding itself in the INC is free.

  6. Hi are they accepting reservation of our preffered date of our wedding? We want august 8 if possible or the qc hall will provide us the date for the wedding. Thhanks

    • Hi Raffy, if you’re asking about the church, yes. You can book this as early as you want. It already July so you better hurry. Theres a ton of things to do and it wont do to rush this. It’s better to start preparations at least a year in advance.

  7. Hi, my boyfriend is in canada and we’re getting married this coming nov 8 but he’ll be home late. I am from Bocaue, Bulacan while he is from Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija. I have inquired at Bocaue if they can allow me to apply for marriage lic even if my fiance is not here but they did not allow me. Thus, we opted to apply for marriage lic at Guimba, Nueva Ecija (A neighboring town of Cuyapo). I know that the place which will issue us a marriage lic is not a residential address of neither one of us but we wanted to expedite the release of the said doc. Will it affect our upcoming wedding if our marriage lic is issued from a municipality wherein neither of us resides?

    • Hi Marvelyn. Just an FYI, I’m not a lawyer nor an expert on the process, so I’m afraid I can’t help in such specific cases like this. My goal for this article was to provide a basic outline for people to follow. Your best bet would be to ask the municipality. Good luck!

  8. Hi, ask ko lang po kung kumpleto ko na lahat ng requirements pwede po ba kami makasal with in two weeks? abroad po kasi ako limited time lang vacation ko,hanggang 3 weeks lang po,, thanks

    — Translation
    Hi. If we already have all the requirements prepared can we get married in two weeks? I’ll be coming from abroad and my vacation time is limited – only up to 3 weeks. Thanks.

    • Hi Don,

      I try to give conservative estimates when making recommendations so I would have to say no. Your best bet would be to have someone take care of running to and from city hall as well as taking care of all the other non-ceremony stuff (reception, accommodation, invites, food, etc.)

      But even then I don’t trust the people at city hall to do things quickly. My experience in dealing with Philippine government offices is that they tend to WANT to delay things.

      And remember this page only gives details on how to arrange everything for the Marriage License. You still have to book your church (if ever), take care of the reception, etc.

      Personally, I don’t think you should rush things like this. We should give ample time for important events like weddings etc. It seems like a big waste to rush it. But that’s just my opinion.

      Good luck!

  9. ned po ba talaga ng cenomar.. tumingin kasi ako sa website ng quezon city hall. di nman naka lagay dun ung cenomar as requirements. tnx

    — Translation
    Is the CENOMAR really necessary? I looked at the website of the Quezon City Hall. CONEMAR was not in the list of requirements. Thanks.

    • Hi Darwin, as far as I know, the CENOMAR is required. Feel free to give the quezon city hall a call to confirm this. Here’s the contact number: +63 2 988-4242

    • Hi Roselle, this is a bit too specific a case for me to answer. Please go back to where you acquired the license and ask if they can produce another copy for you.

  10. Hi japo. Just want to inquire kung kailangan n b agad ng requirements, i mean hahanapin b ung requirements agad dun p lng sa pagpapareserve ng seminar schedule o dun lng un hahanapin s final step which is filing for license? Tnx in advance!

    Hi Japo, I just wanted to inquire if we’ll need the requirements to reserve a seminar schedule. Or is it only required at the end. Thanks.

    • Hi Mhean, kung maaari po ay dalhin nyo na lahat ng requirements. Sa experience ko sa any Philippine government office, kapag hindi kumpleto e papauwiin ka nila. Hindi ka tutulungan basta hahanapan ka lang. So best bet mo ay dalhin na lahat ng madadala mo, para wala silang masabi.

      Sana po iwasan natin ang ‘baka makalusot’ or ‘baka pwede na’ attitude. Goodluck!

      Hi Mhean, if possible, bring all the requirements. In my experience with any Philippine government office, if you don’t have all the requirements, they’ll send you home. They will not help you, but only say to get this and that. The best bet is to bring everything you can so they can’t say you did anything wrong.

      I hope we avoid the ‘baka makalusot’ or ‘baka pwede na’ attitude. Goodluck!

  11. Saan po kami pwedeng lumapit sa Quezon city Hall mag pa schedule po ng civil wedding complete na po kami sa requirements lahat.

    Where in the Quezon City Hall do we go to to schedule a Civil Wedding. We already have complete requirements.

    • Paki-basa po ulit ang article. May map rin po nakaprovide jan.

      Please re-read the article. There’s even a map included.

      • Dear Japo,

        The couple who wants to be married in Civil Wedding must go there in Quezon City Hall of Justice (window number 7) and ask for requirements for Civil wedding. Then the person incharge in Window no. 7 will tell the couple the schedule of raffle of judges. The couple will know the next steps along the way. It is important to just go their and ask. I got married in Quezon City Hall of Justice Branch number 83. The judge who married us was Ralph Lee.


  12. Hi, I am a resident of QC and my fiance is from Pampanga but, he is now working abroad and we’ve decided to have a judge wedding at QC. First question 1.) Is it ok to get his cedula in QC? hence, he don’t have time to get it in his hometown? 2.) Am I allowed to process all the necessary requirements for the wedding except if of course for the seminar (both parties shall attend) since his from abroad and he shall just file a short vacay to attend the seminar? 3.) After getting our Marrige license is there anyway to fasten the ceremony.. To get marry asap? .. It is just we really running out of time since he’ll be crossing to other country soon.. Your kind assistance is highly appreciated

    • Hi Ezie, as far as I know no one has ever double checked where I lived whenever I get a cedula. So that should be alright.

      Some of the things, like attending the family planning seminar require both of you. It would be best to ask the city hall.

      As for a rush wedding, it’s best to call the city hall. I don’t know what rules they have in scheduling a judge wedding since I had a church one.

      Is there any reason for the rush? Seems like a waste to rush a big life event like this.

    • Dear Ezie,

      1. Japo is correct. When I got my cedula in QC, they did not check but I do not know if you can get a cedula on behalf of your fiance.
      2. Japo is correct. Both of you must attend the family planning seminar.
      Once you have all the requirements you can do the process of scheduling the civil wedding in Quezon City Hall of Justice by yourself. If they will look for your fiance, just say that he is an OFW and that is why you are alone.
      3. The raffle of judges is every Monday and Thursday at 2 PM only. Before you can join the raffle, you must submit all requirements. They will tell you which date you can join the raffle. On the day of the raffle of judges, you will know the judge who will marry you and the branch number of the judge. Then you will speak with the judge or speak to the secretary of the judge and the you will know when the judge can be able to solemnize your wedding. You can not ask them the date of the marriage that you want because it all depends on the schedule of the judge. Once you already know when is the wedding, then you can tell your fiance when to fly back to Philippines for the wedding in Quezon City Hall of Justice. Marriage fee in 300 pesos only.

      Attention: Please beware of fixers. Please don’t believe them that you can be married by some counselor or whoever not qualified and that you do not need seminar. It is a lie and just ignore the fixers in every corner.


  13. Hello po,
    Kami po ay kapatid sa INC. Plano po naming magpakasal sa 2018. Pareho po kaming nasa abroad and magkaiba pa po nang lugar (Angola at UK po). Meron po akong katanungan.

    1.) Gusto po namin ay church wedding sa Pilipinas po. Hindi na po ba kailangan ikasal muna sa City hall bago po sa church? Unlike po kasi sa ibang bansa required you get married first sa City hall before church.

    2.) Kagaya po nang isang tanong dito, would a 30-day vacation be enough sa process ng pagpapakasal? Alisin na po natin ung pagrereserve sa mga venues, events etc. Yung process po nang mga pagpapatotoo, paghingi ng mga signatures etc. seminars sa loob ng INC po.
    Dahil yun naman pong pagrereserve ng mga after-ceremony staffs ay gagawin po beforehand.

    3. Bago po ba lumapit sa locale para ipaalam ang nais na pagpapakasal, kailangan pa po ba na kumuha ng Marriage License?

    Maraming salamat po.

    • Hi CDG,

      1) Sa church lang po kailangan. Ilalakad po ng ministro yung legal registration nyo pagkatapos ng kasal.

      2) Ang bahagi po ng proseso sa loob ng INC ay posible po na umabot. Kasi mas efficient naman po ang processing kaysa sa City Hall (sa tingin ko). Kailangan lang masipag kayo maghanap ng pipirma.

      3) Hindi po. Isusulat po nila ang mga pangalan nyo sa logbook.

      Goodluck po!


      1) Only the church wedding is required. The minister will take care of the legal registration after the wedding.

      2 The part of the process that’s inside the INC is possible to do within the time. Our processing is more efficient than the City Hall (in my opinion). You just have to focus on finding the people who will sign.

      3) No. They will just write your names in a logbook.


  14. we want a civil wedding… for all the requirement is it true na mag prepare almost 2000 plus?… magkano naman po ang bayad sa judge?

    • Nung ikakasal po kami wala rin po ako mahanap na online information masyado lalo na sa INC process. Kaya ko po sinulat ito.

      Mabuti po at nakatulong. 🙂


      When we were getting married I also could not find much information online especially the INC process. That’s why I wrote this.

      It’s great to head that this helps. 🙂

  15. Bakit ang mahal ng payment kapag nagpa civil wedding? Samantalang sa ibang lugar libre Lang at mayor pa ang nagkakasal..

    • Hi Christopher,

      Nakadepende po yan sa patakaran ng Local Government nyo. Hindi po national standard yan YATA. Hindi po ako government employee sorry. 🙂

      Translation: It depends on the rules of your Local Government. It’s not a national standard, I THINK. I’m not a government employee, sorry.

  16. Hi Christopher, how was your civil wedding? I got married in Quezon City Hall of Justice Branch number 83 and the Marriage fee at the time (January 22016 )was 300 pesos only.

  17. Ask ko lang po Sana mam kung may babyaran pa po ba kami sa judge n magkakasal samen? Or ung 300 po un na lahat ung gastos.. Salamat..


    I’d like to ask, ma’am, if we need to pay a fee to the judge that will marry us? Of if the 300 is the cost for everything.. Thanks..

    • Hi Jessica,

      Sa tingin ko P300 lang total based sa sabi ni Leila.

      Salamat at goodluck!


      Hi Jessica,

      I think it’s only P300 total based on what Leila said.

      Thanks and goodluck!

  18. Nag bayad pa ba kayo dun s judged n nGkasal s inyo? And magkano?


    Did you pay the judged that performed the marriage? And how much?

  19. Hi, confirm ko lang, di ba po yung town kung nasaan yung lokal kami ikakasal ay dun po dapat kami kumuha sa munisipyo ng town na yun ng marriage license? thanks po

    • Hi Madz,

      Ang marriage license makukuha sa munisipyo kung saan nakatira and lalaki o babae. Kelangan ng personal appearance so piliin nyo ang pinakaconvenient kung hiwalay po na town kayo nakatira.

      Effective naman po nationally ang marriage license so kahit sa aling lokal po kayo ikasal kahit na ibang lugar kaysa sa munisipyo.

      Good luck!

      — translation
      Hi Madz,

      You can get a marriage license in the city or municipal hall of the town where either the bride or groom reside. You will be required to appear in person so pick the most convenient one if living in separate towns.

      A marriage license is effective nationally so you can get married in any locale even if it’s in a different town than the city/municipal hall.

      Good luck!

  20. hellow po goood morning….tanung ko lang po kung magkanu ang bayad pag civil wedding po. (*wedding ceremony only)
    thank you

    hello, good morning …. how much do you pay for civil wedding? (* wedding ceremony only)
    thank you

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