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Wedding – INC Wedding intro

WeddingMy wedding’s coming up soon and I decided to blog about it. Why? Because there’s a LOT of things you have to know and a LOT of steps you have to do before you step up to the altar and say your vows.

I’ll be blogging about the process in succession and tagging it here so anyone can follow along. Hopefully, my posts will help someone someday.

Oh and I’m a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo, so take that into account when you read the religious side of this series. 🙂 This will be an INC Wedding blog series.


INC Wedding Series:

  1. Wedding – INC Wedding intro (this post)
  2. Wedding – Important Things (Part 1)
  3. Wedding – Legal Requirements (Part 2)
  4. Wedding – Church Requirements (Part 3)

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