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Broadband Services in the Philippines

I’ve been looking around today for a good broadband provider here in the Philippines. I’ve gone over a few reviews and forums and it seems that the development of the networks here in the Philippines is still severely lacking.

I still remember when i went on vacation to my mom’s in Arizona and i holed myself up in the computer room. I got download speeds of up to 100kB/s. And that was nearly A DECADE ago!! I don’t remember what type of connection they had though.

Anyway, while looking for good ISPs here i found only a couple that had good reviews. I didn’t even consider applying for a PLDTDsl connection – everybodygives it bad reviews.

ZPDee Cable Internet and Eastern Telecom seem to get the best reviews.

Most others get some, if not a lot of, crappy reviews. PLDTDsl, Globelines and SmartBro are among the topnotchers. :p PLDT should really improve the phone lines so te connections can be better. You’d think that with all the companies paying to piggyback on their wires that they’d improve the hardware by now.

I’ll try going for Eastern Telecom when their website goes online. Yeah an ISP company with an offline website, go figure.


no zpdee and eastern telecom coverage in my area.. gardemmet… i myt have to bite the bullet and go for pldt wah!



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